Rules and Regulations of Survive the Night
Common Sense Rules:
Always remember there are no refunds and once you are escorted off the property you will not be allowed back to Grays Armory. Therefore: DON’T BREAK OUR RULES!! We want a happy, fun safe night so please follow the rules
Due to the amount of artifacts sometimes “walking” we can only allow small camera bags, backpacks, purses or fanny packs. Please leave all any extra items in your vehicle.
Obviously smoking is not permitted inside the armory or out front. Please smoke only in the West Parking Lot.
The West Lot, for the evening, is considered part of “our property”. You are more then welcome to exit the building to the west lot at any time during the night. Feel free to smoke, use your phone, get fresh air or visit your vehicle to the west lot only. If you exit the grounds for any reason you will not be readmitted.
Big No-No’s-
Out of respect for other guests there are no phones or two way radios allowed. Keep all noise levels to a minimum. If you are repeatedly asked to be quiet or are trying to scare people you will be escorted off the property and not permitted back.
No Sleeping anywhere or at anytime during the Survive the Night.
No Ouija Boards or Seances will per permitted or tolerated. You will be removed, with no refunds and not permitted back to future Survive the Nights.
No opening of Windows or Roof Access Doors. Anyone caught hanging out windows or on the roof will be escorted off the property and not permitted back.
No removal of our artifacts or damage to our historic armory. This not only gets you removed from the property, without a refund but also will have legal actions/consequences.
Do Not attempt to open locked doors or take down any chains or ropes that are blocking your access. If it is blocked it is unsafe and therefore we can not have you there. Being caught were you do not belong will result in you being removed from the property.
No Drugs or Alcohol. If we even suspect you to be under the influence will be escorted outside to sober up and wait for a ride. If you consume or use on our property the CPD will be notified and they will come and give you a ride.

Cameras and recordings are allowed….HOWEVER, you can NOT use any of the images for personal profit without the written permission from the Cleveland Grays Executive Director. Breaking this rule will end with legal action.

Download our Rules and Regulations

Our very first public paranormal investigation will take place this Halloween Weekend at Grays Armory.

For years, Cleveland’s Downtown Castle has been said to be haunted.  Many people have had unexplained experiences and ghostly encounters at the armory

The Armory was  featured on Syfy Channel’s series, “Ghost Hunters”.  On October 27th, come and see for yourself and also meet the Director of Grays Armory, who was in the Ghost Hunters Episode: “Ghost Guard.”

This October you will get the chance to document any paranormal activity at the historic Armory in a serious yet informal setting.  You will have a personal and truly unique opportunity to explore areas of the castle-like structure that are usually closed off to the public.  These areas are being opened to you in an effort to aid in the discovering and documenting of another realm.

Tickets to this event are $100 per person and includes access to the building from 2000 hrs until 0300 hrs the following morning.  Tickets also include: secured parking, water, soda, coffee and a late night pizza dinner.

  • Doors open at 1900 hrs (7pm)
  • Check in with Photo ID 1900 hrs to 2000 hrs (7pm-8pm)
  • One hour guided ghost tour with the Director begins at 2030 (8:30pm)
  • Lights are shut off at 2200hrs (10 pm)
  • Independent investigations 2200 hrs – 0300 hrs (10pm-3am)
  • All participants must be 18 years and over
  • Due to lead content this event is not advisable for pregnant or nursing women.

The Armory is old and contains many hazards including but not limited to: lead, old steep and winding stairs, uneven floors and surfaces.

Please see our Rules and Regulations page for participation.

****THERE ARE NO PAPER TICKETS FOR THIS EVENT***** Email confirmations will be sent automatically to the person who registered.  All Participants must heck in with a photo ID.

Space is limited so order your tickets and reserve your place today, Will you Survive the Night At Grays Armory?


AtmosFX has generously donated our ghost effects to draw attention to The Armory and Survive the Night!  Stop by this month and see our Lady in White hanging out at Grays Armory.  When the sun goes down then our ghosts show up!  Thank you AtmosFX.