Being a Cleveland Gray is rewarding and fun.  Participating in this historical organization not only helps preserve the past, it also keeps it alive.  The Grays are still making history and work tirelessly to maintain our most famous and largest artifact: the Armory.
Become A Gray Today! grays membership application
The Cleveland Grays strive to preserve their historic Armory Museum, advance the military heritage of Greater Cleveland through public awareness and education programs, and support the men and women of our armed forces.
If you have read and believe in our Mission Statement and wish to become a member of the Cleveland Grays it’s easy!  You do not need prior military service just a desire to preserve history, this beautiful landmark, and support the men and women in our armed forces.  Call today to get a tour and decide if you want to become a Cleveland Gray, then print off the application and mail it back to us.  It is that easy! grays membership application